Posted by: Rizwan | December 20, 2006

A Story: A Slave and A Lion

Kindness is a noble sentiment. There is an ancient story which shows that even the fierce animals are affected by kindness.

It is said that in a certain country there lives a slave who was a kind man. His master was cruel, and tortured him without any excuse. The slave did everything to please his master but to no avail. So he decided to run away.

One night he did escape out of the house and took the road that led to another city. On the way he reached a big forest and sat down under a tree for rest.

Suddenly, he heard a roar and the next moment a big lion was standing near him. He could not run away. Then he saw that the lion did not jump at him. It was striking its paw on the ground. The slave saw that there was blood on it. He slowly and carefully reached the lion’s paw and found a big thorn like stem in it. He took out that thorn. The lion licked his feet and went away.

After a short time he heard voices of people. Before he could run away, a group of soldiers had surrounded and arrested him. He was taken back to the city and put into the prison. His master had lodged a complaint with the government, for the slave had no right to run away. The authorities decided that the slave should be thrown before a hungry lion so that the other slaves would not dare follow his example.

On the day of execution, the soldiers brought him to the arena built for such purposes, and they pushed him into the cage of a big hungry lion. As soon as the lion saw him, it began to roar. But suddenly it stopped roaring and began to lick the feet of that condemned man. It was the same lion whom the slave had helped in the forest. It had recognized him.


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