Posted by: Rizwan | December 11, 2006

A Story: The Lion and The Goat

Once upon a time, a lion was riding a boat along with a goat. It was, you see, not an ordinary lion. It was a very civilized one. It was also hungry.

Being civilized, it could not just attack the goat. There had to be some justification. Suddenly the lion addressed the goat, “Why are you raising dust all over with your hoofs? You are making it unbearable for me.”

The goat was surprised. “Your Excellency, there is no dust here. We are surrounded by water.”

“So you are arguing with me,” said the king of the jungle in anger as it jumped on the poor goat.



  1. No doubt, this is happening in the world right at this minute.

  2. Indeed, power can be easily abused.

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